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This website is provided by Gaming Labo (hereinafter referred to as our company).
Please read the following terms of use before using this website and only use it if you agree to these conditions.
By using this website, you agree to these Terms of Use.
We may change the terms of use of this website.
In that case we will post a revised version of this document, so please check the latest content.
Please note that other websites operated by the Company and its affiliates are also linked to this website. Please note that you must also agree to the terms of use listed in those sites when using those sites.

Regarding the limitations on the use of information on this website, content for downloading, etc.

All rights including the copyright of the information provided or posted by this website are managed or held by the Company.
To use (including copying, modifying, uploading on the network, posting, sending, distributing, licensing, selling, publishing etc.) these information beyond the scope explicitly permitted by private use or other law , We will prohibit it unless we are permitted by our company in advance.   Please be aware that it may be necessary to agree to individual terms of use depending on individual information provided.

About trademark and copyright / About this website

The marks "GAMING LABO", "Gaming kagu" and "ARCADE LAB" logo used on this website are registered trademarks of Gaming Labo.

Prohibited matter

When using this website, it shall not do the following acts.
01. Acts of infringing third parties or our property or privacy etc, or acts that may infringe.
02. Acts that give disadvantage or damage to third parties or our company, or acts that fear that.
03. Acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that fear that.
04. Acts that lead to criminal acts or criminal acts, or acts that fear thereof.
05. An act of making a false declaration or notification, such as registering an e-mail address of another person.
06. Act for the purpose of sales activity or profit, or act aimed at preparing it.
07. Acts of damaging third party or our company's honor or credibility.
08. Acts of using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts that might be feared.
09. Other acts that violate laws, regulations or ordinances, or acts that fear that.
10. Other acts that we deem inappropriate

About ideas etc etc

We hope that you would like our company to propose ideas, memos, drawings, concepts and other suggestions (hereinafter referred to as proposals) on new products, technology, design, manufacturing method, advertisement, marketing etc. There are times when it is sent.
On the other hand, our company also conducts original research and development etc. in various fields from day to day, it is possible to make the idea of ​​ours to be very similar by chance by the unpublished idea our company independently thought. There is sex.
Also, there is a possibility that misunderstandings and conflicts will arise between you and you. In order to avoid such unforeseen circumstances that may occur in the future, we are unable to accept proposals from everyone in principle. Humbly thank you for your cooperation.
Regardless of the above policy of our company, even if we receive suggestions from everyone in principle, we will in principle return all without reviewing and evaluating the contents. In addition, we will understand that all suggestions are sent after agreeing to the following points. Please be forewarned. We shall not be obligated to keep secret the suggestion you sent.
We shall not be obliged to consider, evaluate, and adopt the proposed proposal.
Even if the Company adopts the same or similar proposal with all or part of the proposed proposal, we do not assume any responsibility including payment of compensation etc. to the proposal provider We shall assume.


We have paid close attention from all aspects when posting information on this website.
However, we are concerned about whether the content of this information is accurate, whether it is useful, whether it is reliable, whether it is suitable for the purpose of everyone to use, safe It was not possible to guarantee equality as to whether it was equality (such as no alerting occurred, function corrected, correcting defects, this website and server do not have computer viruses and other harmful substances, etc. so that the function will not be interrupted).
In addition, we are responsible for any damages that may be caused by the fact that you have used these information, or were not in use, and that you used this website It is not something. We may alter the information on the website for advance notice.
In addition, we may suspend or cancel the operation of the website. Synopsis Please understand.
There is nothing responsible for the reason for the business in relation to the reasons for the change of information and the damage which may occur in the interruption or discontinuation of the operation of the website. This is not the case unless exemption is not accepted under the provisions of the law.

about this website

This site is owned and operated by Gaming Labo, and the copyright and other intellectual property rights related to this site belong to Gaming Labo.
We do not license, distribute or reprint all the illustrations, pictures, images, text information and other information and programs posted in any form without prior consent.

About compensation

Although this site carries out the verification work as much as possible, we are not responsible for any troubles caused by viruses, errors, etc. due to the use / browsing of this site of users, so we are not responsible for any advance Thank you.